As promised a few pictures.

So here are a few pics of the projects I have either completed or have started for the project box.  The first is this beautiful hat out of one of my fiber club shipments called Manka’s Thicket.  I remember that I really enjoyed spinning this yarn.  However, at only 160 yards… that does not leave a lot for a project.  When I found this spiral hat that was meant for Noro I knew it was a match.  I really loved watching the colors come out in this project! I actually need to take the crown out and add about another inch and reknit the decreases.  It works for a child but is a tad short for an adult.  I am ok with that as I have a bunch of the yarn left over and would like to use as much up as I can.

Then I hit my stash and I came up with some yarn I bought in Bayfield, WI.  Bayfield is on the Superior shore of WI.  The yarn is hand dyed from the sheep on Madeline Island up there.  I only bought 2 skeins at the time for a total of around 320 yards…. again, not sure what to do with it.  I has sat in my stash for the past 4+ years.  I was going to try enterlac with it, but the color repeats were just too short.  So after working with my friend Flarycka over on Ravelry, I decided to try this multidirectional diagonal scarf.  I LOVE it.  My husband keeps making happy noises everytime he sees the yarn….  a match perhaps?



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