New Year, New Goals

One of my new friends who I met at my children’s swim practice is also a knitter.  She and I were talking about projects and holiday knitting when she referred to something that she had read on the YarnHarlot’s blog.  I have not read the entry that she was referring to, but it was about a project box.  The idea is that any random things you knit (ie things not already tagged towards gifting etc) get put in the box and then at holiday time you go through the box and start figuring out what will work for gifting.  I find this idea absolutely brilliant!!!!

Like most knitters and other crafters I have a stash.  I have a stash of yarn and I have a stash of fiber.  As I spin, my stash of yarn grows.  It’s kind of a viscous  circle.  I also have yarn I have left over from other projects.  I have yarn I bought years ago and have no idea what to do with it… even after 2 years.  I have finally decided that I have to just start knitting things.  I will find homes for everything eventually.  So to that end, I have started to destash.  So far I have knit, a hat with some homespun I sun the year I moved and I am halfway through a scarf made with wool from the sheep on Madeline Island up at the top of Wisconsin.

With each project finished I feel just a bit more relief.  As soon as I have a chance I will start photographing the projects.  I can’t wait to see what the year brings.


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