Baby Snowflake

Recently, I have more friends having babies.  One just delivered and the other has a baby shower, well today.  I had promised myself that I would no longer knit on a schedule for other people, but I really like knitting for new babies.  What to do?  Well, for the first gift I made a hat out of Cotton Tie-Dye.  It was really cute, and I gifted it before I took a picture.

The second gift is for a shower today.  When I went stash diving I found Queensland Collection Merino Spray as the body of the sweater.  It was yarn left over from a hat I knit for the Studio at La Buena Vida’s summer design contest.  I really LOVE this yarn.  It is soft and squishy and a really great yellow/green color.  I went on looking and  I kept coming back to it.  My problem is that it’s hand washable.  I hate giving new moms a gift that they have to hand wash.  Sigh…..  Then I came across this very small partial skein of the chocolate Inca gold from the Maze hat last fall.  It was a color combination that I could not resist.  The Inca Gold is the perfect accompaniment to the Merino Spray.  Both have this fabulous feel.  (Can I wax more poetic about these yarns?)   At first I thought I would knit a hat, but then this sweater came into my head and just would not go away.  Really I just had not choice.  So the mom gets a sweater she has to hand wash.  Sorry!

Since the shower is today, I now need to run out and find some buttons when the stores open….  Nothing like waiting until the last minute.

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