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State Fair

About a week and a half ago, one of the moms in our Home School Coop asked if anyone was entering anything in the State Fair.   Our state fair is a local version so only a few counties are represented.  I had looked into it last fall and there was no category for hand spinning, so I just kind of forgot about it.  When I mentioned this to the other mom, she told me to call that it might be under “miscellaneous item.”  So I went home and did some research.  Even if I could not enter my spinning, I could enter some knitting.

I was working on this hat with my 8 year old.  She dug through my stash and came up with a red home spun yarn.  I figured out the gauge and gave her some graph paper with a grid marked off.  With those parameters she designed a chart for a basket.  She wanted to chart some flowers, but when I looked at it I had the idea to do them afterwards with needle felting.

Basket of flowers

Since this hat was on my needles, It was definitely one that would be entered into the fair.  We ended up adding more flowers to the hat at the end, so It really does look more like a basket full of flowers.

That was one entry down….  The guidelines say anything completed in the past year and a half and not entered in last years fair.  Well, I did have that purple sweater I had spun the yarn for.  Also there was that duffel coat I finished this spring.   I give away about 90% or more of what I knit, which makes it difficult.  Okay, well, 3 things.  That’s not so bad.  Then I called the chair person about the spinning and she said that they would take my spinning and create a category for it.  Okay.  I brought down 4 skeins, all very different.

Did I mention yet, that this  is something I have never done before?  Well, I did mention that with the spinning I had no competition.  So With my spinning I won, both the First in Lot, Second in Lot as well as 1st -4th ribbons…. No compition.   The interesting thing about that was which yarn they thought was the best.

Merino 3 ply

It was none other than my very first 3 ply fingering weight yarn.  I spun this as an experiment the week my new matchless arrived in the mail.  It was out of some of the Merino Top I had dyed with Easter Egg dye.  The other 3 yarns I entered were the burgundy Alpaca, as well as some of the black alpaca with the color flubs, and some of the mottled alpaca in gray and black.

That was not the really exciting part.  I have already said that I entered one hat (one small knit item), a children’s sweater, and a woman’s sweater.  All three of those items were in the same Lot.  That Lot was for Hand knit clothing, non baby.  The really exciting part was that I won first place for each of those items.  Then the Blueberry sweater won second in the Lot and the Duffel Coat one First in it’s lot.  I am so excited.  It was such a worth while experience.  Of course it helps that I came home with lots of ribbons.

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