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Alpaca, Alpaca, and more Alpaca

Some one posed the question of what we had been knitting on a forum and that is my answer.  Alpaca, Alpaca and yet more Alpaca.  I have been experimenting with mixing colors.  It turns out that people really don’t like to knit with pure black.  I can understand that, but the black Alpaca is so yummy and cushy and amazing.  However, my rancher can’t really get people to be interested in it.  How often can you find black yarn in a yarn store?  I can tell you it can be a challenge.  I have a friend that tried to find black fingering weight yarn to make fingerless mits for some musicians.  It took her forever to find it and then she really had to order it.   Heathered Alpaca Here is the newest in my spinning for the Alpaca Ranch.  What you are seeing are actually four skeins together.  The top is black/caramel, then there are two skeins of gray/white on the right and left and in the center is a triple color of caramel/gray/white.  I really love the way heathered yarn looks, however I really don’t love the barber pole effect I usually get when I simply ply two different colored singles together.  I remembered in Spin Control, Boogie talking about spinning with two rovings together at the same time.  So I have been spinning two or three different colors into my singles  and then plying those together.  My favorite part is that the colors get sort of muddled.  It almost becomes speckled.

finished alpaca vestI have finally finished the vest.  It did not take me too long to re knit all the white sections.  I have not taken it to my rancher yet.  Hopefully she likes the end results as much as I do.  I am a bit worried that with the bulky warmth, she will find it to warm to wear.

Last but not least I have managed to spin a little on my new wheel.  Spinning lace weight singles is a very new experience to me.  I decided to start with some…. well, Alpaca. (have we noticed the theme?) I learned quite a bit during that endeavor…. like what a pain in the but it is when you break a single while plying and then can’t find an end.  The results were totally worth it.  I can not wait to find the time to knit it.  I am hoping to find an easy shawl pattern to work with.  Lace weight AlpacaI am also looking forward to finding the time to spin something other than alpaca.  Unfortunately for me, I have a HUGE stash of alpaca.  Not that I don’t like it, but, I also have all of this OTHER fiber that needs spinning.


2 thoughts on “Alpaca, Alpaca, and more Alpaca

  1. I guess I’m not to the point yet where having a huge stash of alpaca is a bad thing . . . 🙂 I love the magenta you have at the bottom of your post, very pretty.

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