So doing design work is about 1% inspiration and 99% MATH!!!

I have been working with my very close friend Flarycka over on Ravelry on this Bolero.  It is really very cute.  We originally designed it to go with her daughter’s sun dress for Easter.  A week before Easter I got a text from her looking for a pattern, she could not find one that matched what she wanted.  After texting back and forth for a while, we started to hammer out what we wanted.

She wanted something really short and that would be open in the center, to show off the front of the easter dress.  She also had a vision, of a ruffle and flutter sleeves.  Speed was also a factor, She had a week to knit it, so no seaming.  What we came up with was knit in one piece from the bottom to the underarms.  It turned out spectacular, even out of the acrylic she used out of her stash.  However, the entire week she kept texting me about how she really wanted to see it in a fingering weight and more natural fibers.

As things worked out I needed to knit a baby sweater.  So after getting the yarn I ordered from Knit Picks, I began to swatch.  We went with Stroll Tonal in Summer Blooms.  I had never worked with Stroll before and I really liked it.  It felt nice and soft and squishy.  It is also machine washable, a big must for me when knitting for children.  Because I get twitchy at the idea of knitting a sweater on tiny needles I decided to to with a size 3, which is slightly larger than a bamboo Kabob stick.

Armed with a notebook and my new design book,knitwear design workshop and my vogue knitting book (because my friend wanted to use a cable cast on, which I had to look up) I started to work.  On the weekend, I was going to go out on our patio and have some quiet time with my pattern and my knitting.  So I said to my daughter. “okay, now you need to find something to do, Mom is going to go do some math now.”  She looked at me really puzzled.   “Why do you have to go do Math?” then she paused and says “Oh I know! It’s because you are a life long learner!”  After chuckling, I told her that I needed the math to help me with the pattern.

I love to design, but I really do not enjoy all the calculations. Ah well, back to the math…..

2 thoughts on “Math

  1. Funny. I will have to get some designing tips from you. I am a pattern changer/modifier, I have one project from knitpicks (a bag) that I am following, since it was a kit, but other than that I am always improvising.

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