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Wallaby-ing again.

So I have started on a wallaby  for my youngest.  Just in time for the weather to warm up isn’t that the way things always work?  I knit the sleeves first again this time and it sure makes the whole sweater just feel like it is flying by.  Watched a family movie with the big kids on Friday and finished the pouch.  I should have everything but the hood finished by weeks end.

Then we are off to Lego Land in CA for spring break.  I think I will take some socks with me for that.  They are my favorite road trip friendly project.  I plan to knit up my stash of sock yarn during our summer travels.  I just unearthed a PDF I downloaded about 2 years ago about knitting socks 2 at a time from the toe up on 2 circs.  I have some handspun that I want to try that out with.  I don’t have enough for a normal length cuff on me.  Now, I could knit the socks for one of my kids…. but handspun socks for my children… I really don’t think so.

I finally got around to knitting the hat for my husband out of the silent undergrowth Falklands I spun a year ago.  He fell in love with the fiber the day it arrived in the mail.  I spun it originally for a scarf, but there was just not enough yardage.  When I came across Jared Floods “turn a square” hat, my husband gave his approval.  You should have seen him while I had it on the needles.  He would randomly pick up my needles to examine it.  It was making my a bit to hyper aware of my my knitting.  That, and I was knitting on dpns and I was afraid that the stitches were going to fall off the needles.  Good thing it only took a few days to finish it.  I really love the subtle striping of the colorway.  It is the closest we have come to a natural camouflage yarn.

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