Finished and soon to be mailed.


Okay, once I got my brain straight on the directions, it was smooth sailing and I finished it in an evening.  It really turned out quite cute.  However, I am probably not going to attempt it again for a while.  I would definitely suggest reading this pattern through several times before you begin.

One thought on “Finished and soon to be mailed.

  1. wow! i just “stumbled” upon your blog and saw your cool purse, but then i found this! what an adorable little vest! where can i get a cute little vest like that? oops! silly me. . . in my mailbox! HA!
    okay, seriously, look at me turning into a techie! i actually know what a blog is now! (just don’t ask me to start one!!!) this vest is SSSOOOOO cute and i can’t believe how soft it is! Nisss (Katharine’s name for him–can’t pronounce Nicholas yet!) is going to look so handsome in this! will send you a picture of him wearing it this weekend!! : )

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