#$*?$ Baby Sweater!!!!!!

I now officially have a love/hate relationship with this dratted baby sweater!!!!!!!  I knew something was just not right!  I even took out half the back and REKNIT it all because it just seemed to darn long!!!!!  So I finally just finished the back (see pics in previous post) and started on the front! There I am, the kids are sleeping, the Olympics are on, I cast on, knit my 6 rows of ribbing and begin the pattern…. and I re read the directions for the umpteenth time when it FINALLY hits me.  The directions have you starting on a specified row of the cable pattern so that the v-neck sets up correctly in the front.  In my case that is row 23.  The patten says knit to row 28 then do rows 1-28 1 time more (for my size).  When I read that originally I understood it to mean that I would somehow finish the first 23-28 and then complete 1-28 and then do 1-28 one more time… hence why the back is about 4.5 inches longer than it should be and why I am now going to be frogging half of it and doing it all AGAIN!

This is one of those situations when I wish I could yell and say that it was the pattern that was mis written.  However, it is written correctly.  Unfortunately, it just took my brain several readings to comprehend what it was actually telling me!  I have to admit it will be a really beautiful sweater once I have finished, and I will probably never knit it again!

Thank goodness today was my knitting group and tonight is the men’s figure skating because I have a lot of knitting to get done and I am determined that this sweater will be off the needles by the weekend!


2 thoughts on “#$*?$ Baby Sweater!!!!!!

  1. How’s it coming now? I’m knitting the 6 month size and having trouble seaming the shoulders. The stair-step look just doesn’t seem to be working here….

    1. I finished it. It did turn out cute. I used the mattress stitch to seam the shoulders and sides. It worked out ok. Just glad to have it finished.

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