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Where does the time go?

I am really not sure where the time flies to.  I have been continuing to spin alpaca for my friend at La Buena Vida Alpacas.  I am constantly amazed at the beauty of the fiber and the differences between the rovings from one animal to the next.  I absolutely love to spin with this fiber, especially the jet black and the chocolate brown.  Both are silky smooth to the touch and are so soft and lofty when finished.  Knitting with the fiber has also been a joy, the white and pink hat I knit for my niece and the second counterpart to it were both knit out of my hand spun  alpaca.  This week I decided to try to spin a low ratio alpaca single.  I did not have enough of two separate colors for a full skein of each, so I used them alternatively and together to form a chocolate and caramel single.  I am hoping that it will knit up to be self striping.

Alpaca Singles dk weight

It is hard to remember what my spinning was like even a year ago. With all of the spinning I have done in the past few months I feel like my control is better and I can achieve the yarn I am looking for when I wish to.  So long as that yarn is a DK weight or heavier.  Lace weight still eludes me.  However, I am really not sure that I would want lace weight once I spun it.  Those lace shawls people keep knitting are stunning and I think would drive me to drink before I finished one.  Then the shawl would be put into my ceder chest for my kids or grand kids and that would be that.  I may attempt a small wrap or scarf though.

2 ply alpaca

I rarely take pictures of the Alpaca that I spin for the ranch, but these DK weight 2 plys were so pleasing to my senses that I really wanted to take a picture this time.  As you can see the color range of natural alpaca is amazing.  the yarn on the far left (lightest) is from a male named Geoffry.   He is spotted like a giraffe, which gives the fiber a really neat depth of color.  This was the first time I had spun up the caramel and I really found myself enjoying it’s richness.  doing some color work with these three colors would be really stunning.

Aside from all of this spinning I am also really trying to finish this baby vest I have been knitting.  It’s a 12 month size and a VEST for crying out loud and it is taking FOREVER!!!!!  It has taken me almost 2 weeks to get the back finished.  Thank goodness for the Olympics!  The pattern is Pembroke.  The first few rows of the cable pattern were giving me fits.  Probably because I was starting it while at my knitting circle, but also because row 1 is on the WS and my brain was really having issues with that.  Once I got it down right and placed some stitch markers it was smooth sailing.  My only issue with the pattern at the moment is that it looks so long and skinny.  It’s the right size for a 12 month old and the cables work like ribbing.  It just looks weird to me.  I am knitting for the first time with a superwash merino called Merino 5 from crystal palace.  I love the way this yarn feels and knits up.  I like it as much as I liked the Berocco’s Inca gold I used for the maze mittens.

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