Braided Tam… a learning experience!

So I am sure some people have now noticed that I took my pattern for the braided tam down…   (this is me groaning)  I feel like I really need to apologize to anyone who actually tried to knit the darn thing!!!! OMG there were soooo many mistakes in that pattern. NEVER again will I post a pattern without thorough tech editing.

It all started when I decided to knit an adult version and  tried to follow my own directions.  Oh boy.  First I found a small error in the cable pattern.  And MISSED the HUGE error in it.  For any of you who tried it as I wrote it… there is no way you could K12 three times.  My very good friend and tech editor found that.  She says to me “wouldn’t it be easier to just say k36?”  I say “knit 36? No you just knit 12!!!!!!!”  That is when I realized the darn thing just needed to come down until I went over it several times with a VERY fine toothed comb.

At the moment I have spent most of the past 24 hours in discussions with my tech editor (who even though she is my very good friend refrained from laughing at me too much) and with needles and yarn in hand.  I think the end result will be a MUCH better pattern that ****gasp*** actually works!

Besides cleaning up the language of the pattern to make it more readable and flow better, I have tried to take the knitters step by step through the decreases in the crown of the hat.  The downside to this is that the decreases will have to start on a specified row in the cable pattern for things to turn out.  I am in the process of test knitting the different sizes to check for errors and to make sure my row counts turned out correct.

This might take a little longer than I first anticipated.   I promise when the patten is back up and running, it will be free of all problems and be knittable.  Again, I really am sorry.  This has been a humbling experience for me.  I hope that you all will give it another chance.

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