So much fiber, So little time

Today I took a few minutes to peruse my fiber stash.  It has grown so big so fast.  When I moved here 6 months ago, I had one tote for yarn and some fiber in some baskets…. not really enough to fill a tote.  Well, then I went to Taos and bought around 2 lbs of Alpaca to spin.  Add to that all of the fiber club shipments that I have not had a chance to spin and then the new alpaca I have added in the last two months.  My fiber alone now takes up not one, but two tubs.

The above pics are only the new acquisitions….

I look in my bins and get very inspired and a bit overwhelmed.  I have project ideas in my head for most of them…. I just have to find the time to both spin and then knit those ideas into reality.

The last two of the above pics are the two low ratio singles I spun just after the new year.  I really want to make them into some scarves to showcase the beautiful colors.


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