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A Labor of Love, or Thank Goodness I am DONE!

Well, it is official!  Holiday knitting is FINALLY finished.  With barely enough time to mail it off.  This last hat for my niece was almost my undoing.  I knit it and finished it, and blocked it and it was too big for me!!!!  I committed that classic error.  I assumed I knew what gauge I was knitting at instead of taking the time to actually check.  If you can imagine the motif in the picture with 5 rows of white between instead of only one, then that is what mach 1 looked like!  It was really cute, and really big.  So I started over and re knit it to the actual correct gauge!  Then, I had taken about 5 rows out of the crown and tried it on my kids and decided that those 5 rows really made a big difference.  Back to pulling out the crown, and re-knitting it with the 5 extra rows.  I am still not sure it is quite right, but I am calling it done, it needs to get into the mail.  Then came the mits.  I really wanted to create something cute that had some color work, but was not as elaborate as the maze mittens.  So I adapted the motif to be more of a border and knit from the cuff up.  (for some unknown reason, knitting from the top down was eluding me last weekend)  They turned out really cute, and I have no real idea what I did because I was improvising as I went along.

Both the hat and mits are knit out of my hand spun.  The white is Alpaca and the pink is from A Verb To Keep You Warm’s fiber club.

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