Snow in the Desert

Since we moved to the desert, my kids have missed some of the things the north had to offer; trees, fall leaves, and of course snow!  Do I miss snow? Not really.  In the north snow means 5 months of cold and dreary weather with little to no sunshine.  Do I miss those few days where the sun is shining and you get that perfect combination that gives you packing snow?  You bet.  There is nothing like building a snowman with your kids.  However, those days happen maybe once, sometimes twice a year.  The rest is bitter cold and gray.  At least that is what my memory tells me.  The last two winters in the north lasted until June.  Not kidding!  When we moved this year on June 11, my heat was still on and it was 50 and raining.  So beautiful weather through November,  has lightened my spirits tremendously and gives me very little to comfort my children with.

On December 1st, after 2 solid days of rain , we wake up to snow… about a 1/4 inch.  Just enough to cover the walls and the windshield of our truck.  Just enough to delay schools for a couple of hours.  By afternoon when the clouds cleared, the Mountains looked frosted.  It was amazing.  The kids were able to pull together enough snow for a very small snowman.  They drank cocoa.  Then they got homesick.

Yesterday, we woke to snow again.  Snow and ice.  Enough for a snow day.  While it was too cold for a snowman, they spent hours outside sliding on the ice and playing in the cold, and the mountains once again look frosted.  Best of all, the sun is back out and shining, and the temps will warm back up to the 60s and 70s.  My son, whose birthday is next week, will be able to do something OUTSIDE!!!!!

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