I hate that feeling!  Having to knit on a schedule drives me insane, yet I always end up having to do just that.  I bring this on myself!  So here are the latest finished objects in the Holiday Knitting pile.

First up some very boring, yet compete, mittens to accompany the braided tam.  I was going to try to do something a bit more creative and finally decided that I really just don’t have the time.  At least they match and are soft and comfy.  They are one of the only washable sets I have done, so that is also a plus.  The last bonus of these unassuming mittens is that this yarn is FINALLY out of my stash.  YAY me!


Next up, I wanted to use up this pink yarn with brown flecks and I decided to pair it with a chocolate brow.  I knit this cute striped tam and then some mits to go with.  I was really not in love with the way the cuffs on the mits were turning out in relation to the rest of the mitten.  I was on the verge of frogging them and starting over just in pink when it occurred to me that they were looking like flower pots.  So I experimented with some needle felting and I am happy with the results!  And no more pink yarn with brown flecks in the stash (okay well maybe a bit left… but not a whole  ball anymore) .  YAY me!


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