I am on a roll!

WOO HOOO! Yet another one finished!  These are for the youngest of my nephews.  He just turned two.  I chose the Noro Kureyon, because of the fabulous colorways.  However, with that said, I was not really happy with the yarn itself.  It is really quite rough.  I went ahead and made the hat and mits which turned out really cute.  Then, I gave them to my two year old to try on.  She LOVES the hat and said “Thank you momma!” and then she stole the mittens without the thumbs to put on.  She did not seem to mind the harshness of the fiber, so perhaps even though it feels rough to the hand, it won’t be too itchy to wear.  At one point she was clutching the mittens to her chest and rocking them like a baby!  I have a feeling another pair need to be in the works.  When she was not wearing them, she was filling them with her toys ala Jan Bret’s “The Mitten”.

I had to rework the crown of this hat several times.  I started out using Ann Budd’s book, however, I really have never liked the way the crowns of her hats turn out.  she decreases all in about 3 or 4 rows, which in a baby hat seems to work, but in a bigger hat just makes the top look all wonky!  I ended up pulling out all the stitches back to the original decreases and then decreasing around at 7 separate points.  It made a MUCH better and more even looking crown.  Unfortunately, it also added about an inch or more to the final hat, so they will have to turn over the edge.  Ah well, I am happy with the finished results and have one more child marked off that list!



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