Full Moon

Oh how I wish that I had a camera and knew how to get the shot that I wanted this evening.  My daughter (age 7) and I were driving home and the sun was just setting behind us as this gorgeous full moon started to rise from behind the mountains!   As I saw it I called back to my daughter to look and she oohed and ahhed with me and pleaded for me to take a picture.  Alas all I had was my phone and while driving, even at a stop light, was not the place to attempt to take the picture.  So she and I will have to keep the memory of that huge moon cresting over the top of the mountains.  I tried to call my husband to tell him to look, and he texted me back that he was on the phone.  At the next light I shot back “look at the moon”.  Unfortunately, he too had no camera.  I feel like I am gushing, however, it has to be one of the top moonrises that I have ever seen.

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