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Wonderful Wallaby

The sweater that looks like a hoodie!  It has been years since I have knit one of these!  About 5 to be exact.  It was the first sweater I ever knit for myself and I went a bit nuts with the pattern at the time.  I made several for friends babies and even one a few years ago for my son.  I got my neighbor hooked and she made one for herself and one for her son.  I had forgotten just how easy this sweater is to knit.  I finished this size 2 sweater in about a week.  Heck the sleeves took less than an hour each!  My husband’s cousin had a baby boy in Alaska, and  I wanted to make a nice child (boy) friendly sweater.   I remembered this pattern and found it tucked away in a box.  The cool thing about the Wallaby sweater pattern is that in one booklet, you get sizes from 2 all the way to adult XXX.  The Wonderful Wallaby is by Cottage Creations.

Wallaby I took it to my weekly SNB group and all the women were asking about the pattern.  I was surprised that none had ever seen it before.  I thought that just about everyone had made one of these sweaters.  I even gave the info to the woman who works at the store and asked her if she could order the pattern as there were about 5 people who wanted it!

Because the smallest size in the pattern is a 2, that is the size that I knit.  I had my 2 year old try the sweater on.  She immediately found the pouch and was not about to take the darn thing off without a fight!  I think another, a bit larger (she is a HUGE 2 year old) sweater is in my future.  However, not until I get all the holiday knitting finished!Wallaby hood


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