Busy, Busy, Busy…..

So the past month I have spent knitting baby hats, booties and tams for my grandmother’s church societies annual bazaar.   I don’t even live in the same state, but for some reason the idea of making and donating these items, makes me happy.  So I have sent things for the last two years.  I think the best part is how happy it makes my grandfather who is in his 90s and my aunt.  My grandmother passed away many years ago now.  However, it is in her name that the church group continues.

I really enjoyed making the tams, they were the first tams I have ever made and I am not sure why I have not made them before.  So now I am a bit tam obsessed!  I am planning some tams for my nieces for Christmas.  Not pictured above are the really great booties that I knit.  I used the Saaartje’s booties pattern with the adaptations made by bockstark Which is basically the bootie without seams.  Great pattern and great adaptation.

I finished the first set of baby stuff.  I knit Pattern C from Sirdar’s baby bamboo knits booklet. Instead of embroidering the daisies, I needle felted them.  I really like the way it all turned out.  With it I knit a pair of the original Saartje’s booties(shown in red).  I liked the pattern, but not the seams, hence the idea to make the seamless version.

Now, I am finishing some stuff for a swap, and getting a head start on the holiday gift knitting.  Also on tap, Spinning the beautiful fiber I got from the Taos Sheep and Wool festival.   However, that is for another post entirely.

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