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Maze Mittens

Maze Mittens
Maze Mittens

They are done!  My submission for the A Verb to Keep You Warm‘s Smitten Mitten contest on Rav.  I used Anna Zilboorg’s top down mitten technique from her book Magnificent Mittens.  I fell in love with color-work mittens last winter while knitting my own pair from her book and a pair for my sister.  Now I gave myself the time to chart out my own pattern.

I have been tinkering with mitten charts for quite a while, but this contest really made me sit down and think about a mitten that would be both fun to knit and to chart out.  Not to mention fun for the child (for they are a child’s mitten) who is wearing them.  I have a book of black work  motifs. One of the square motifs in it was a maze.  That got me thinking.  Why not create a maze on the back of a pair of mittens?  If you follow the Chartreuse line there is a answer that will take you from the cuff to the tip.

The palm of the mitten is knit in simple stripes. I tend to prefer the hidden thumb mitten as opposed to the sore thumb mitten, so the hidden thumbs follow the same stripe as the palms.


I used a braided edging to finish them off.  I am so pleased with the way this pattern turned out.  They will be gifted to my nephew who lives in the North East and I am hoping to have enough time to chart out a maze band for a hat to match.

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