Baby Layette

At a recent session of my local Stitch and Bitch, one of the knitters asked if anyone had any patterns for an old fashioned layette.  She said that when she was younger every baby shower that you went to the mom to be would get one of these with a sweater, bonnet and booties.  I responded that I had several “vintage” books that I inherited from my grandmother’s attic.  Many of them have those types of patterns in them.  I have never knit any of them as there are so many new baby patterns.  However, it did get me to thinking.  Why not add a hat and some booties to a sweater for a new baby.  I have several babies to knit for this fall, so I think I am going to do some experimenting with the combination.

The first set I am working on the sweater is out of Sirdar’s Baby Bamboo Knits pamphlet I am doing the design C cardigan.  I am going to knit the Saartje booty.  Then I will probably just knit a basic rolled brim hat.  I am already finished with the back of the sweater and I have forgotten how fast a baby sweater knits up.

my first idea for the Smitten Mitten contest is ready.  I am not ready to post the finished product just yet.  However, here is the color combination.

Chocolate Inca Gold, and Chartruse Homespun
Chocolate Inca Gold, and Chartruse Homespun

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