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Stan the Man

Hand Spun Vest
Hand Spun Vest

It’s finished!  I really love the way the yarn spun and knit up.  It was a dream to work with.  The pattern is Stan the Man from Sublime Yarns The Sublime children’s double knitting book. Best of all I think that my son may actually wear it.  He really likes the color and the way it turned out.  Ho-ray!

I also had a brain storm about the mittens for the contest!  I am so excited I can barely stand it.  I charted two separate patterns and can not wait to see how they knit up.  I just need to purchase some coordinating yarn to use with my hand spun for the color work.

One thought on “Stan the Man

  1. Who is that good looking guy modeling that vest? Must be a young artist I know from the past. Hope you are having a great year at school. Mrs. Boville:)

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