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Spiders… Oh My!

When I moved to the desert, my husband warned me that we were moving into snake, spider and scorpion country.  We could have them in our yard he tells me.  Okay, well you deal with things as they come you know?  My biggest worry was that I had never seen a Black Widow spider in person.  I was worried that I would not know one when I saw it and that I would end up getting bitten because of my ignorance.

I was very wrong.  Once you see that big black beauty, you would never mistake it for anything else ever again.  As of yesterday, we have killed right around a dozen of the darn things.  On our back patio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Where my kids play!  Not just the mature spiders, but some juveniles as well.    Even though the bites are supposedly harmless, I am not willing to let them grow up.   I finally decided that I should do some research.  I have found out some interesting things.

  • Fact One:  No one has died of a bite in over 10 years and that should my kids get bitten we should wash it with soap and water, ice it and take them to the ER.  I can handle that.
  • Fact Two:  Black Widows have amazingly strong web.  Really it’s true.  They also spin a free form web, so it does not look like your classic octagon.
  • Fact Three: They are really very shy.  They pretty much just hang in their webs during the day and unless they have an egg sack to protect,  they will not attack unless you stumble into one.

I was also able to find some great pictures on line of Mature adult females as well as the juveniles.  Now I have gone on some spider hunts.  I have figured out where they like to live and do my daily check.  I also decided to start taking pictures of some of them.  They are really beautiful creatures… unfortunately, they are building their webs in places my children might like to be, so they have to go.


One thought on “Spiders… Oh My!

  1. Hi Sarah, nice website….I had to check it out. Well my son in Tacoma has the brown recluse spiders to deal with, also very poisonous…..In fact they do have some one spray the areas where they tend to gather periodically. No news in Green Bay. The bood is off, my husband went to the cottage for the day, and I stayed behind to get some wool ready to dye…I have everything I need to do some more pattern dyeing. Wish you were around to do it with me. I am going to give Danette a call, as I have quite a bit of KnitPicks “bare yarn”…More later:)

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