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The Blueberry Sweater is finished!

Finally, I have finished the knitting of this hand spun sweater.  It turned out wonderful.  I am kind of getting tired of being disappointed in my finished objects, especially in the sweaters.  This pattern  knit beautifully, and it fits great!  I can not wait for weather where I can actually wear it.  That will not be for a while now. The pattern is  the Miracle Neck Down Lace Pullover from CEY Alpaca Stories.

BlueBerry Sweater
BlueBerry Sweater

Now, I am working on the homespun sweater vest for my son.  This is the one who NEVER wears the things I knit for him.  However, he picked the fiber this time.  And every time he sees the work in progress he comments on how much he likes the color.  I am keeping my fingers crossed on that one.  I will say however, the Corridale I spun for it was an absolute dream to work with and I am in love with the yarn.  It feels nice and soft and squishy to work with.


Also on tap, I am working on submitting a set of mittens for the Verbivore Smitten Mitten Contest.  I have a couple of prototypes in the works.  I am very excited to see how they all knit up.

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