New Home, New Yarn

Once I finally unpacked my wheel and found all of my spinning stuff I decided to finish the super wash I was spinning back in the North.  Pretty much I had a bit left over to Andean ply and I needed to wash and finish it etc.   I ended up with right around 225 yards of a dk weight yarn.  It is not nearly as even or as fine as I had wished.  However, it is nice and squishy.  I will have to start searching Rav for some patterns I can spin with it.


The best part about living in the desert is that when I hang a hank of my hand spun to dry even in the shade of our porch, it is dry within hours.  No more waiting days.

So once I was finished with this yarn, I decided to go stash diving.  I have several month of my fiber club that I have not spun up yet.  Mostly because I was spinning the Blueberry and also because I was trying to decided what to use it for.  I pondered the possibilities.  I have more BFL which is a dark color, some Corridale, Targhee, and I just got some more Wenslydale.   I decided to try to the Targhee.

My intent was to see just how thin of a single I could evenly spin on My Louet.  I took my time and loosened my break  band and went to work.  It was one of the most enjoyable spins I have done yet.  The fiber was a dream to work with.  I was spinning lace weight singles and they were mostly consistent.  I only had 3 oz of this fiber and I have been told that Targhee is beautiful with Cables, so I decided I would experiment with a 3 ply.   To go off topic…. I LOVE 3 plys.   They are beautiful and round and even.  Unfortunately, they eat up yardage!  So, after all was said and done I ended up with a beautiful 3 ply skein of a heavy fingering weight with about 158 yards and some smaller Navajo plied skeins that brought my yardage up to about 200.  What to do with 200 yards of fingering weight?

It's a Lovely Day
It's a Lovely Day

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