I have learned in the process of this move that one must think on ones feet.  All of your possessions are in boxes on a large truck.  You have to make decisions on what you absolutely must have with you and hope it fits in your vehicle.  I have to admit that an iron was not on the “essentials” list.   Sunday my husband announces that his pants are just too wrinkled to wear to work, our stuff does not arrive until tomorrow, and even when it does arrive… which box is the iron in?  I look at him holding up these chinos.  Hmmm what to do….  We have 4 camp chairs, 2 coolers, a dog, 3 children, some clothes, most of which are tooo warm to wear, and a cast iron La Cruset pot my husband brought down with him several weeks earlier.  HMMMM  we also have granite counter tops….

“Do you think we could heat up the La Cruset and use it to iron you pants I say?”   after my husband finished praising my exceptional problem solving skills, he ironed his pants with the pot.  It was not perfect, but they were wearable.

The next morning our shipment was due to arrive and my brand new washer and dryer.  He asked if I could run a load of his work stuff when the washer and dryer were due to be  installed.  No Problem… well until the dryer would not fit through the doorway to the laundry room.  So now I have a washer and no dryer and a husband that needs pants!  Luckily the shipment had been mostly unloaded and I was able to lay hands on the camping box.  I handed my husband this little plastic round thing with a line coming out of it. “What’s this, he asks?”  “Why, a clothes line, of course!”  This apparently is my week for problem solving with household issues.

Now if only I had the time to do some spinning.


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