My Garden

Saying Goodbye

When I moved into my home her in the Midwest, I commented to the then current owner on how beautiful the hosta were.  That was in July.  In October we took occupancy of our new home and I did not think anything more of the hosta until the following summer. Holly Cow do I have hosta.  22 along the front alone.  I think at one point I counted them all and I had well over 200.

My second spring, we split the front hostas, we generated well over 100 well established off spring.  I had so many hosta that year I was seriously considering ding dong ditch with hosta.  The following year, we split the ones in the back… That year I got smart and sold some at a garage sale.

The funny thing is that I LOVE sun plants.  I love cone flower and daisy and lillies and roses… you get the idea.  Here I am on a beautiful wooded lot and I have no sun.  I have so much shade that I actually grow moss in places instead of grass.  I was sad about the shade and frustrated that all I could grow were these Hosta.  Now they grew well and looked nice, but I longed for more.

Then I found the local hosta society and went on a garden walk.  I fell in love with hosta!  I found out that it is not just about the plants, it is about the names of the plants.  When my neighbor, and fellow hosta lover, and I walked this woman’s yard, we were amazed.  This woman had over 400 different varieties of hosta!  400.  She had Huge hosta (read bigger than I am and I stand almost 6 feet) she had miniature hosta (I had no idea at the time there were such a thing) she had variegated, and corrugated and every leaf shape and color and her yard was laid out in such an interesting way.  She had depth.  While I might have an equivalent number of hosta, all of mine are mostly the same.  I had no variety.

My neighbor and I bought several plants and went home.  We looked at my yard, grabbed our tools and started digging.  We went back the next day and bought more plants.  That started my hosta addiction.  The next winter my neighbor and I haunted the hosta garden sites on the web (hosta patch, the American Hosta Society, the hosta network.) We planed gardens at her home and mine.  We learned about sun tolerance and slug resistance and we found out about hosta names.  With hosta it’s the names that get you hooked.

Over the past couple of years, adding to my hosta garden is like a spring affliction.  I go to the green houses or the hosta walk, or garden sale and say to myself, I am just going to get one or two…. I always end up with at least 4 because how can you say no to a hosta like x-ray?  Or once you have a Liberty in your garden how can you not get loyalist, minuteman, revolution, patriot and Paul Revere?  After seeing my daughter’s reaction to the real thing (as in lizard), how could I pass up having Komodo Dragon in my yard.  Then, there are always a few that don’t survive the cold winters here.  So They must be replaced.

Now I am moving to the desert.  I have to say goodbye to all of my lovely shade loving hosta.    I have split some of my favorites to live in my neighbor’s yard, and have told her I do not want to know what happens to my garden when the next family moves in.  I want to remember them just as I have planted them.  I also could not resist going to the garden center one last time.  I found the perfect gift for my hosta loving friend.  A beautiful white hosta, with the name remember me.

A few of my favorites:

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