I hold my mother in law entirely responsible

I have about a gazillion things to be doing right now.  I am in the process of moving across the country. In two weeks.  I am packing some of my own boxes, but mostly the movers will pack the house.  So my mother in law, who I must say has moved more times than I care to count, gave me some wisdom which was to do something to recharge my batteries.

I had gotten some beautiful super-wash BFL in this month’s fiber club shipment.  It has been calling me.  I had told myself that I did not have the time to spin anything before I moved nor to finish said yarn.  So I spent the majority of the past two days attempting to spin my very first sock yarn.  It is not perfect, but for my first try, I think it is a valid attempt.  Especially as I have a wheel known for it’s difficulty to spin fine yarns.   I was excited to get it plied and then finished… that is until I remembered.  My niddy noddy is already packed!  GRRRR  that was why I wasn’t spinning until I moved… sigh.  It will be a pretty pair of socks.  Perhaps one day soon.


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