First fiber festival

Okay, well, I am not sure you could call the Shepherds Market in Door County, WI a true “festival”  But it was my first time as a spinner going to someplace with that much fiber at my fingertips.  To use a phrase created by one of my kids “HOLY MOLY COW”  or sheep as the case may be.  It was so hard to choose, and that was when I only had around a dozen vendors…. what will I do when I go to Taos in the fall? I will have to save and budget wisely.

The first thing I figured out is that without a plan you just want EVERYTHING.  So it was a good thing that I had one, sort of.  I have been dreaming for a while, well since spinning the blueberry of spinning for a color work sweater.  I really like the Equinox sweater by Michelle Rose.  I want the body to be black or charcoal and then the colorwork will be whatever tickles my fancy.  Pretty much it is a way to use some of those 3 oz samples from my fiberclub shipments.  I have found that 3 oz dosn’t get me very far in the way of a project.  It will give me a challenge to try and spin several different varities of roving to be the same WPI.  That was a long way of saying that my first purchase was 1lb of a beautiful black shetland/alpaca.  I am not sure that 1 lb will be quite enough for the body of the sweater, so I will look for another 1/2lb to add to it.

My second purchase was some natural (white) Finn.  Finn is hands down one of my favorite fibers that I have spun over the winter in the fiber club.  I love the way the equilibrium project turned out.  I told myself while I was in the process of spinning it that I would buy some if I ever ran accross it again, so I now have 1 lb of white.  I am not sure what will happen with this fiber, I don’t know yet if it will be died another color and then spun or spun and then died.  I may end up spinning something for one of the girls out of it as Finn is one of the softest wools next to the skin.

My last purchase of fiber was at the instigation of my son.  We had gone to this event as a family.  My wonderful husband dealt with the baby who kept wanting to jump the electric fence to get to the “baaas”  and with the middle child who kept wandering off to talk with the woman making jewlery.  My oldest and I wandered the barn together.  It is perhaps one of my favorite moments with him.  He touched all the fleece and was excited and asked great questions and in general just really enjoyed the time there.  It may have helped that we ran into his teacher who is another spinner.  For whatever the reason, he just really had a good time.  At the very last vendor he found a heathered brown corridale roving.  “Mom, will you make me a sweater out of this?”  he asked.  Oh boy.  As you may remember from one of my first posts… he always wants sweaters and then NEVER wears them.  So there I am looking at him holding this roving, asking for a sweater.  What to do?  “It is just so SOFT he says and LIGHT he says.”  Okay I bought 1/2 a pound of it.  I know the exact sweater or vest he will be getting.  Since we are moving to a warmer climate a vest will be perfect.  There are actually 3 choices he can make on that one.  Here is one that he picked out a while ago out of a Sirdar book And if he really has his heart set on a sweater and not a vest, the I have a natural merino/bamboo at home that I could tweed it with.  The best part of that purchase was the smile on his face as he practically danced back to the barn with his bag of roving clutched in his hands.


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