Learning to sample

My wonderful mom asked what I wanted most for my birthday and somewht sheepishly I told her I would like enough fiber to spin for a sweater.  She enthusiastically agreed and told me to order what I needed.  I found some of the most beautiful Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) in this  colorway called Blueberry Pie from Susan’s Spinning Bunny It is really outstanding.  At that point I kind of freaked out at wondered what I had gotten myself into.  Thank goodness there is a place called Ravelry!

The spinning groups on there are truly outstanding with lots of wonderful advice.  The first piece of advice was to spin a sample of your fiber.  This process allows you to create a sample of the final yarn you want to achieve.  In this case I had originally thought to spin for a cable knit sweater and so I tried a 3 ply for the first time ever.  My singles turned out beautiful and mostly even right around 28wpi which was right on my target.  The final plied yarn is right around 11wpi which is sort of between a heavy dk and light worsted weight.  I finished the skein-let and let it dry and then yesterday I knit my gauge swatch.

As you will see in the pics below, The yarn is beautiful.  It is not, however, suited for cables.  the color is too dark and a bit to mottled, so the cables get lost.  So now I had to find a new pattern, one with no cables.  I have 2 in mind and both had the same gauge, so I reknitt my gauge swatch in stockinette stitch on size 7s and got a perfect match.

So now I just need to get spinning and try to keep to the same gauge.  That and decide on a finished pattern.


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