Halloween is one of those holidays that tends to stress me out until it arrives and then I find myself having a great time.  I really like the holiday, after all what is there not to like, you get to dress up there is a seemingly endless supply of chocolate and other candy, and you get to carve pumpkins.

My children start talking about costumes around about July 4th.  AAAAGH!  So I tell them we can not even discuss them untill school starts.  Then the decision making begins in ernest.  Now, my son, bless his heart, believes that I am the most creative and wonderful mom there is.  So he says “Mom, I want to be a triceratops!”  He is 8.  Is he insane?!?!  I entertained the idea of figuring out how I would create a mask for this for a couple of weeks and then I had to hit him with the reality.  Mom can make a lot of things…. but a dinosaur….  Not so much.  He finally decided to be a Ninja!  Great, you can buy those for under $10.00 and for a bit more, he gets a sword!  Thank goodness that was settled.  My daughter decided to be a Moth.  Hey, wings are easy…. you just buy some!  Then a few pipecleaners in the braids for entennas and some glitter… Voila a luna moth!

Finally with all of that decided I can relax.  Wait, we need to carve pumpkins.  So do my children make things easy?  No!  but we finally get them carved and they turned out really great.  Halloween was really mild, so they were able to leave the heavy coats at home.  It was a great evening with plenty of candy thrown in. 

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