Sprouted Grain Bread

Recently, my husband and I have gotten very interested in sprouted grains.  They are supposed to be very healthy for a variety of reasons, which I really don’t feel like going into at the moment.  We have been eating quite a lot of the Ezekiel bread products and even my children like the 7 grain sprouted english muffins.  I know you are thinking “Ewwww! it must taste like cardboard”.  Not so!  I am so totally  not into eating things just because they are good for you.  They have to also taste great as well to appeal to me.

The thing is I LOVE to bake.  I really enjoy bread making.  However, I feel bad making traditional breads for my family because nutritionally speaking, they are really bad.  So I thought, “If I could make a nice sprouted grain bread that my family would actually eat, then it would  be nice for those nights when we have soups and stews this winter.”

So off I went to research sprouting grains.  It is much easier than you might think.  It is futzy because it does take several days and you have to rinse your grains and allow them to drain well every 8 hours or so. My first attempt at bread was a total bust, then my husband found me this great book by Peter Reinhart called Whole Grain Breads. I made his 100% sprouted grain bread today and it really turned out great.  My son and husband really like it slathered in honey.

Sprouted Wheat Bread
Sprouted Wheat Bread

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