My UGH sweater!

Every year I try to knit something for my children.  Sometimes I knit them socks, which I have to admit they do enjoy and wear.  Last fall I knit them the Fiber Trends felt slippers.  They say they love them, yet they never wear them.  Just the other day my son asked me to make him another pair. (?!??!?!?This is my perplexed look when he said that!) I have knit both of them sweaters over the past few years with mixed results.  My son always says that he wants them and is in love with cables.  So 2 years ago I knit him a fisherman’s sweater out of a super soft washable merino.  He has only worn it twice and both times at my urging.  He claims it is too warm.  Yet every time I try to take it from his room I am met with outrage.  “I’ll give it to someone who will wear it I say!”  My son then declares that he does in fact wear it.  This year I agreed to try one last time.  We picked out yarn together.  He wanted it to be soft, so I went with the knitpicks comfy which is a cotton/acrylic blend.  He wanted it to fit like a sweatshirt, so I measured his favorite sweatshirt to get the right measurements.  I decided to do a basic drop sleeve sweater and turned again to Ann Budds book.  Finally he wanted cables.  So I took out my vogue knitting and he picked some lovely cables for the central and side patterns.  It took me about a month.  He tried it on.  “The sleeves are really baggy” he says and he took it off and went out to play. About a week later he needed a warm thing to wear on a cool day and I suggested the sweater.  “But mom, the arms are so baggy that the kids will make fun of it!”

You can actually see this in the picture.  I knit the sleeves from the shoulder down and the yarn stretched or something.   So, here we go again.  I just ripped out the sleeves….. and am knitting them again from the cuff up this time and with fewer stitches.


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